Friday, September 30, 2011

What to Expect from our State-of-the-Art VIP Gym

To begin, thank you for taking the time to read our blog post. In addition, we hope you take the time to consider membership at our state-of-the-art VIP gym. We know we have something truly special here but it's important to convey that message to the public. In this post, we'd like to illustrate a few things we think are unique about our state-of-the-art VIP gym, features you won't find anywhere else in Manhattan or beyond New York City.

First, consider the Sitaras Method, created by our club owner, John Sitaras. The method is segmented into several, integral parts including voicing initial goals, professional fitness assessment, developing individual programs, re-assessment, and originating new goals. It's a process given much thought by John and well celebrated by clients ranging from professional sports players to people who want to improve their overall health.

Additionally, you'll find highly-devoted trainers at our state-of-the-art VIP gym. Our trainers aren't here because 'it's their job,' they're here because they're passionate about fitness and helping others enhance their level of health. Each trainer has the qualifications, experience, and passion needed to make a difference in your life and level of health.

Ours is a true, luxury gym. Set in an office tower in midtown Manhattan, our state-of-the-art VIP gym hosts top-of-the-line equipment, a 3,000 square-foot landscaped terrace, and terrazzo locker room floors. We love our Manhattan setting and understand the expectations and demands of our valued clients.

We offer a lot to our members, and in return, we expect a commitment from them too. We don't want New-Year-resolution members or those who think fitness is a fad, quickly waning in their interest to improve their lives. We want members who are serious about enhancing their level of fitness. Fitness is a lifestyle choice and not an ebbing fad. That's why we ask our members to come see us at least twice a week – no excuses!

Lastly, we offer our owner, John Sitaras, as our gym's best feature. John has a background in medicine and rehabilitation. Each new member works with John individually, creating a unique workout plan and goals. Success starts from the top. John's passion for helping others and improving lives is adopted by all his trainers, making our gym truly special and the place to be if you're serious about fitness!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do You Want to Get in Shape? Get Ready for the Sitaras Method

Are you serious about improving your overall health and the look and shape of your body? If you're ready to make the commitment, then the Sitaras gym, using the Sitaras Method of body improvement is the place for you.

The Sitaras Method is segmented into several parts: voicing goals, professional assessment, design of custom exercise program, re-assessment of physical condition, and modification of goals. The Sitaras Method is the brainchild of former bodybuilder and pre-med student, John Sitaras, a man who takes a scientific approach to body building, delivering optimal results.

All new members go through a six-to-twelve-session assessment with John. He closely takes note of your flexibility, cardio-respiratory fitness, strength, endurance, and body fat. Additionally, the Sitaras Method portion of assessment involves taking note of the unique musculature of each client. John takes into account the differences between the right and left side of the body, different portions of each muscle, and two major muscle fiber types (those for strength and endurance). Such individual attention facilitates positive outcomes and the attainment of personal goals.

The Sitaras Method is so meticulously developed due to John's background in medicine and rehabilitation. John emphasizes proper form and alignment for optimal safety and effectiveness. Along with a team of highly-qualified trainers, John tracks each member's progress, identifying strengths and weaknesses to facilitate results. The reassessment portion of the Method ensures members are constantly challenged, keeping their bodies guessing and improving.

Does the philosophy of John and his Sitaras Method sound enticing to you? We hope; but, we would like to reiterate the importance of your commitment. Our trainers are highly-qualified yet the work is yours to do alone. Support and encouragement is always available to you but you must believe in yourself and your ability to reach your goals. We ask each member attend the gym at least twice per week – no excuses! Please refer to our contact information if you have additional questions. We look forward to seeing you at the gym!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Things Your Future Sitaras Personal Trainer in NYC is Not

Have you joined a gym before? Whether you have or have not been to a gym, you may have joined conversations of those facilitating prejudices and myths regarding a personal trainer in NYC. It's easy to let others influence our thoughts whether we're conscious of it or not. We can't speak for trainers all over the world or those in other gyms in Manhattan, but we can crush myths as far as Sitaras Fitness is concerned. You may have heard horror stories or embellished anecdotes of others regarding a personal trainer in NYC, but we can guarantee your trainer at Sitaras will not be one of the following three 'types.'

A Crazed, Marine Sergeant Type

Your health and wellbeing is our foremost concern. That means each personal trainer in NYC employed by Sitaras does not push their clients beyond reasonable limits. Do our trainers challenge you? Yes. Do they challenge you to the point where your physical wellbeing is put in jeopardy? Absolutely not. You may have heard horror stories of trainers who completely push their clients to the point of exhaustion and beyond, trainers who don’t have the words "rest," "tired," and "no more" in their vocabulary. Such characters may make for a laugh in conversation or comedic movies, but they're not a reality at our gym.

The Ironically Out-of-Shape Type

Have you seen a personal trainer in NYC at other gyms sporting a beer gut or 'spare tire?' Were you blown away by the irony of a person who gives advice about fitness yet obviously doesn't put their own words into practice in their life? We can assure you that our entire personal trainer staff practices what they preach. How would you feel if you learned your general practitioner smokes cigarettes, eats all fatty foods, and is a raging alcoholic? You'd probably look for a different doctor. So would we. A great image and providing the best service possible is extremely important to us; you won't find any of our trainers in need of a trainer themselves.

The Artificial Type

Each personal trainer in NYC staff member is here because they have a passion for fitness and helping others. No one is here because it's "their job." Sitaras Fitness hires the best of the best; those who have the education, experience, and sheer passion to help others achieve a better level of fitness. You won't find any staff members here who merely "dial it in." That would be an insult to the Sitaras name and to our valued gym members. If you want a personal trainer who is committed to you and the path to your goals, then this is the gym to join.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Extras a Personal Trainer Gym Offers

It's understood. You're not a novice. You've been to gyms before and you know how to get in shape. What could a personal trainer gym offer you? Don't personal trainers aid people who don't know how to use equipment - those who've never lifted a weight nor did a squat in their lifetimes? Yes, a personal trainer gym is for those who need a lot of help, yet it's also for those of all levels of fitness. Denying yourself access to additional insight is like a professional baseball player denying batting practice after making the big leagues. Have you mastered fitness to the level where you can't learn anything new? There isn't a possibility someone could offer helpful assistance when it comes to your diet or method of workouts?

Getting in shape is a challenge. Once positive results are achieved, the story isn't over. The good (and sometimes bad) reality of fitness is that it's a never-ending story. Once things start getting easy, it means it's time to make a change, challenging your mind and body further. A personal trainer gym offers employees who have a vast knowledge of fitness regimens. Membership ensures you never run out of new exercises, additional insights, and necessary challenges.

If you're a novice, a personal trainer gym is a perfect place to start your fitness lifestyle. If you want to learn how to play golf, wouldn't it make sense to go to a professional for some elementary tips? Employees at the gym can help you build a solid foundation, teaching you proper form and how to engineer a workout providing the results you want. Remember the maxim, "Teach a man to fish, and feed him his whole life"? Trainers don't just give you a short-term advantage. They help build a base of understanding you can have for the rest of your life.

Everyone needs inspiration. Some of us are good at being our own cheerleaders whether we take mental note of progress or physically record goals achieved. Other times, it may be hard to get motivated, whether it's related to an ongoing issue or a temporary state of immobilization. Employees at the personal trainer gym are there to promote confidence and motivation, taking note of your progress and ensuring you don't "slack." At times, inspiration can be a priceless need.

Is there a special event on the horizon? Do you need a little something extra to get in shape? Consider joining a personal trainer gym for a short time, giving you access to additional insights and people knowledgeable about the human body, how it works, and how to get it in shape for particular reasons. A personal trainer can engineer a workout regimen, designed with your level of fitness, time until the event, and your desired results in mind.