Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Things Your Future Sitaras Personal Trainer in NYC is Not

Have you joined a gym before? Whether you have or have not been to a gym, you may have joined conversations of those facilitating prejudices and myths regarding a personal trainer in NYC. It's easy to let others influence our thoughts whether we're conscious of it or not. We can't speak for trainers all over the world or those in other gyms in Manhattan, but we can crush myths as far as Sitaras Fitness is concerned. You may have heard horror stories or embellished anecdotes of others regarding a personal trainer in NYC, but we can guarantee your trainer at Sitaras will not be one of the following three 'types.'

A Crazed, Marine Sergeant Type

Your health and wellbeing is our foremost concern. That means each personal trainer in NYC employed by Sitaras does not push their clients beyond reasonable limits. Do our trainers challenge you? Yes. Do they challenge you to the point where your physical wellbeing is put in jeopardy? Absolutely not. You may have heard horror stories of trainers who completely push their clients to the point of exhaustion and beyond, trainers who don’t have the words "rest," "tired," and "no more" in their vocabulary. Such characters may make for a laugh in conversation or comedic movies, but they're not a reality at our gym.

The Ironically Out-of-Shape Type

Have you seen a personal trainer in NYC at other gyms sporting a beer gut or 'spare tire?' Were you blown away by the irony of a person who gives advice about fitness yet obviously doesn't put their own words into practice in their life? We can assure you that our entire personal trainer staff practices what they preach. How would you feel if you learned your general practitioner smokes cigarettes, eats all fatty foods, and is a raging alcoholic? You'd probably look for a different doctor. So would we. A great image and providing the best service possible is extremely important to us; you won't find any of our trainers in need of a trainer themselves.

The Artificial Type

Each personal trainer in NYC staff member is here because they have a passion for fitness and helping others. No one is here because it's "their job." Sitaras Fitness hires the best of the best; those who have the education, experience, and sheer passion to help others achieve a better level of fitness. You won't find any staff members here who merely "dial it in." That would be an insult to the Sitaras name and to our valued gym members. If you want a personal trainer who is committed to you and the path to your goals, then this is the gym to join.

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