Friday, September 30, 2011

What to Expect from our State-of-the-Art VIP Gym

To begin, thank you for taking the time to read our blog post. In addition, we hope you take the time to consider membership at our state-of-the-art VIP gym. We know we have something truly special here but it's important to convey that message to the public. In this post, we'd like to illustrate a few things we think are unique about our state-of-the-art VIP gym, features you won't find anywhere else in Manhattan or beyond New York City.

First, consider the Sitaras Method, created by our club owner, John Sitaras. The method is segmented into several, integral parts including voicing initial goals, professional fitness assessment, developing individual programs, re-assessment, and originating new goals. It's a process given much thought by John and well celebrated by clients ranging from professional sports players to people who want to improve their overall health.

Additionally, you'll find highly-devoted trainers at our state-of-the-art VIP gym. Our trainers aren't here because 'it's their job,' they're here because they're passionate about fitness and helping others enhance their level of health. Each trainer has the qualifications, experience, and passion needed to make a difference in your life and level of health.

Ours is a true, luxury gym. Set in an office tower in midtown Manhattan, our state-of-the-art VIP gym hosts top-of-the-line equipment, a 3,000 square-foot landscaped terrace, and terrazzo locker room floors. We love our Manhattan setting and understand the expectations and demands of our valued clients.

We offer a lot to our members, and in return, we expect a commitment from them too. We don't want New-Year-resolution members or those who think fitness is a fad, quickly waning in their interest to improve their lives. We want members who are serious about enhancing their level of fitness. Fitness is a lifestyle choice and not an ebbing fad. That's why we ask our members to come see us at least twice a week – no excuses!

Lastly, we offer our owner, John Sitaras, as our gym's best feature. John has a background in medicine and rehabilitation. Each new member works with John individually, creating a unique workout plan and goals. Success starts from the top. John's passion for helping others and improving lives is adopted by all his trainers, making our gym truly special and the place to be if you're serious about fitness!

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