Tuesday, November 1, 2011

John Sitaras and the Science of Health

As John Sitaras can tell you, being in the best shape of your life doesn't come from any one concrete method. Each of our bodies are so radically different from each other that just following the same written regimen isn't going to do a whole lot of good. If you really want to make yourself both feel great and look fantastic, it's all going to have to come from specialized training. Despite what hundreds of trainers may try to tell you, getting fit isn't so much an art as it is a real science.

There are a thousand different approaches to your workout routine, but no one training can be prescribed for everyone. When it comes to John Sitaras and his approach to good health, you need to take all the proper variables into account. Members of Sitaras Fitness are well aware of his attentiveness to the science behind the scenes of health. From session to session, each individual using the facilities is measured across a wide array of factors – each impacting the overall progress of his or her path to perfect health. Muscle fibers, body fat, strength, endurance and flexibility are all taken into account.

Each session is another change to reevaluate the individual's overall health and figure out how to better customize the routine to his or her needs. With a combination of a pre-med background and a passion for physical fitness, John Sitaras and his team work to make sure that each visit to his gym is used smartly. If the program is working for the visitor, Sitaras carefully chooses which tweaks to make to the routine to maximize results. Should there be a sudden decline in health or maybe no progress at all, you can be sure that every step will be taken to put things back on track.

It's unwise to simply assume that every new diet or training regimen out there is going to be the miracle solution that trims off fat and rejuvenates you. Your body's energy is the battery that fuels the vehicle of you, and no mechanic would ever randomly throw any battery into a car. While we can't all be health gurus or professional trainers, we can always turn to those with the knowledge to help us. That's the John Sitaras way.


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