Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sitaras Fitness named one of the most Elite Fitness Clubs!

Stratos magazine has honored our exclusive fitness gym by naming it one of the most elite fitness clubs in the U.S. and the U.K.! Stratos is a luxury monthly magazine only distributed on high-class private jets. Everyone here at Sitaras Fitness is excited that our hard work put towards creating a quality exercise environment and developing unique workout programs for our clients is being recognized.

In the article Carolyn Scarborough, the author, discusses how we develop our unique exercise programs for each individual customer and quotes our founder John Sitaras on our entire assessment process.

Scarborough quotes Sitaras saying, "We zero in on the unique musculature of each client, isolating differences between right and left sides of the body, different parts of each muscle, the two major muscle fiber types — Type 1 and Type 2 for strength and endurance — in order to design a workout tailored to each member’s genetic aptitude, level of fitness, health conditions and goals."

Scarborough then continues to go on to discuss our exclusive member selection process and how interested individuals may apply to be one of our 120 elite fitness club members. She also mentions our many amenities.

"Members have access to amenities like Velotron bicycle ergometers and custom built shoulder fly machines, and while exercising, they overlook the 3,000 square foot terrace garden overflowing with exotic plants." says Scarborough.

At Sitaras Fitness we take pride in the exclusive fitness services we offer our clients and again are thrilled to have our efforts honored by an elite magazine like Stratos.


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