Friday, May 20, 2011

Sitaras Fitness Workout Food Recommendations

It is no secret that to achieve your fitness goals you must eat a proper balanced diet as well as exercise regularly. Our bodies rely on the nutrients we consume from food to repair muscle and give us energy. There are many foods that are considered to be "Fitness foods" that have been studied and proven to help recover muscle, improve endurance, burn fat, and boost our cardiovascular health.

Fruits like pineapple and papaya contain helpful enzymes that break down proteins to help our digestion. They also contain anti-inflammatory proteins that can help quicken the muscle recovery process.

Salmon is rich in omega-3s that help reduce cholesterol and is packed with nutrients. Omega-3s are also known to reduce the amount of oxygen your body demands during a workout, which increases your endurance. Lean meat such as chicken and turkey are great low-calorie sources of protein that will help rebuild muscle after a workout.

The best way for fitness junkies to get their proper carb in take is to eat whole wheat pasta. Whole Wheat pasta contains more nutrients and fiber than white pasta. It also maintains the body's insulin levels making it ideal for diabetics and for those looking to lose weight.

Cold water is the best beverage you could consume at any time of the day. However, when drinking cold water during your exercise routine you are increasing your endurance. This is because cold water is a direct way to cool down your core making it harder for your body temperature to heat up and for you to slow down.

Green tea is filled with antioxidants that help boost your metabolism and can help lower your cholesterol. It has also been shown in a study done by Brazilian scientists that green tea can help muscles recover after an extreme workout routine. Spices like ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory root that helps reduce muscle pain when consumed on a regular basis.

These are only a few foods that should be applied to your weekly diet. For more information concerning proper nutrition please consult your exclusive fitness gym personal trainer here at Sitaras Fitness.

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