Friday, May 20, 2011

Fitness Trends for Summer 2011

The American College of Sports Medicine conducted a survey that determined what would be the top 20 fitness trends for the year of 2011. The survey was published in their Health and Fitness Journal. At Sitaras Fitness we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the most up-to-date fitness and health information. That is why we have provided information on a few of the trends featured in the mentioned survey for you to keep an eye out for this summer!

Summer 2011 Fitness Trends

Boot Camps – Boot camps are high-intensity workout classes that are modeled after military training styles. Class instructors do not shout at or drill those taking the classes however, it does involve switching routines quickly with very few breaks in between. Boot camp sessions are designed to work the body hard, for quick weight loss.

Functional Fitness – Functional fitness programs are designed for people who are recovering from injuries and who are trying to regain muscle strength to complete everyday activities. For example, if a patient is finding yard work difficult their trainer would develop a program around rebuilding the muscles that are required to complete those activities such a mowing the lawn.

Personal Training by Educated Fitness Professionals – More and more people are seeking out educated fitness professionals for training advice and heath tips. This has been a rising trend due to injuries caused by training with uncertified trainers.

Employee Incentive Programs – Workplaces are now implementing incentive programs for employees who live healthy lifestyles. Companies are creating these programs to encourage healthy living, decrease absenteeism, and decrease the cost of health insurance.

Children Fitness Programs – Children obesity levels are at an all-time high and parents are now seeking programs geared towards kids to teach them how to eat right and learn the importance of staying active.

Sport-Specific Training - An increasing number of high school, college and professional athletes are using training techniques geared towards their sport of choice. These programs use routines that are designed to strengthen specific muscles, increase their flexibility and improve their endurance.

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