Friday, March 11, 2011

Exclusive Personal Trainers who keep your Body Guessing

We go to the gym and work with exclusive personal trainers to get in shape, stay in shape, and strengthen our bodies. So, it is no surprise that there are constant flows of fitness trends that arise every so often. In recent years, one of the most popularized fitness concepts has been muscle confusion.

Muscle confusion is the concept of adding variety to your weekly workout routines. It is meant to keep your muscles guessing and prevent your body from the “Plateau Effect”. This effect happens when your body has reached its maximum potential through your current and repetitive workout routine. Muscle confusion, switches up your routine and constantly keeps your body pushing. It helps build and strengthen your body’s muscles in a slow and steady manner that leads to fantastic results.

It makes sense that after working through the same routine week after week would get boring and eventually un-motivating. However, by asking your exclusive personal trainer to develop a new workout for you each week, will not only help keep your body guessing, but it will also keep you more interested and driven.

Consult one of Sitaras’ exclusive personal trainers about what the best exercise plan is for you and get motivated!


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