Thursday, August 25, 2011

What You Should Eat After a Work Out

Most people are starving after they have completed a vigorous work out. However, choosing to eat the right foods and the right amount of foods to replenish your body with is important to get the most results from your exercise. Boost the results of your physical activity with proper nutrition and portion size.

What kinds of foods should you eat?

  • Contrary to belief after a workout carbohydrates are great for replacing muscle fuel that you may have lost and it prepares you for your next workout sessions. Try going for all natural foods and protein sources such as eggs.

  • If you don’t have much time on your hands you may want to prepare a protein shake in advance to drink after your workout. Whey protein shakes are a great choice and you are able to spice your shake up with ingredients of your choice. For great nutrition you may want to add all natural fruit juice, strawberries, or bananas for carbohydrates. You can also add some nuts for extra protein.

  • Make sure you are replenishing your body with water. If you sweat a lot or the weather is very hot you are going to lose water and minerals that your body needs. If you weigh your body before your workout and then afterwards the ounces you have lost should be the amount of water that you drink.

  • For your caloric intake you want to eat 50% of the calories that you have burned off. For example if you burned off 600 calories at the gym you should eat at least 300 calories.

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