Friday, August 19, 2011

Avoid Hitting a Fitness Plateau

Even the best of us experience some form of fitness plateau. However, if you find yourself stuck in one, you don’t have stay there. Through analyzing certain areas of improvement and taking steps to correct them you can continue to keep climbing to the peak of your personal fitness goals.

How to avoid the dreaded plateau…

  • Keep a detailed, well written log of your physical activity and most importantly your eating habits in a journal. This will allow you to look back and reflect on areas that you need to change.

  • While keeping your body physical and active is important keeping your body well rested is just as important. Don’t overwork your muscles and strain them out, give them time to rest, and time to become rejuvenated.

  • Through a thorough analysis of journal logs you may discover that you may need to either increase or decrease your calorie intake. Keep in mind that as your metabolism and physical activity increase so should your caloric intake. You may also discover that maybe you’re taking too many visits to your local fast food restaurants, and in this case you may need to reduce your calories.

  • Whether or not you see a need to increase or decrease your calorie intake, make sure you’re carefully considering your food choices to determine if they are healthy ones. For example you may be getting a great intake of fruit, but too much sugar from that fruit, so you may need to implement more variety.

  • Keep variety in your activities or cross-train to avoid plateaus. Set aside days for low intensity work outs, medium intensity, and high intensity.

Always keep a record of your routine to refer to in order to identify problem areas. Fitness trainers can pinpoint areas that you may not notice, and develop a routine to help you overcome or avoid a plateau altogether. They are professionals that can help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle so it’s not a bad idea to have them as your guide.


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