Saturday, February 19, 2011

Three Exclusive Fitness Gym Tips to Keep Off the Fat

We congratulate you for enrolling in or thinking about joining our exclusive fitness gym. Being healthy is a wise decision. It is a lifestyle and not a fad. That means it is your responsibility to live healthy outside as well as inside the exclusive fitness gym. Read the following tips to keep off the weight and maintain a trim body while you are at home.

If you enrolled in the gym, then you will eventually feel and see your body tighten. Our trainers know how to gradually and effectively train your body. Some people get intense and want to see results quick. Going on crash diets or starving oneself may seem like a logical way to see a lesser number on the weight scale. Ironically, skipping meals and snacks can lead to weight gain. Starving oneself can alter your ability to control your appetite. If you starve yourself or skip meals, you may facilitate your mind’s decision to eventually gorge later. Rather than skipping meals, try to plan meals and snacks throughout the day and regulate your calorie intake. Our exclusive fitness gym trainers will tell you that starving does not equal losing pounds!

Related to the information above, is the phenomenon of eating quickly. If you starve yourself, you may ravenously attack food when you eventually do eat. Also, some people have a habit of eating quickly and do not realize they are doing so. Eating quickly leaves us susceptible to overeating. It takes your body about twenty to thirty minutes to alert your brain that you are full. How much food do you think you can eat in one half hour when you eat quickly? It can be quite a lot and will most likely exceed the needed amount of food per meal. Begin to eat more slowly and truly enjoy the foods you eat. Eating slowly enhances the experience and the enjoyment of foods and also protects us from overeating.

Beware of awarding yourself on the weekends for a weeks-worth of healthy living. It is very easy to go overboard during the weekends in regard to not working out and eating healthy. Let’s think about it. Most of us regard the latter half of Friday into Sunday night as ‘the weekend.’ That is about one-third of the week. If you adopt this concept continuously, it is about one third of your life. That means you are healthy for sixty-six percent of the time. A sixty-six is not a very good grade. Isn’t your body and health worth more effort than that? Of course it is. Try to space your exclusive fitness gym trips throughout the week so there is never a temptation to get off course during the weekends. If this is not a possibility, then ask your trainer for some fitness ideas to implement over the weekend in order to maintain positive momentum. In regard to food, choose one or two meals a week where you can ‘cheat’ and indulge on guilty pleasures such as pizza. Remember that being healthy is a lifestyle and not a fad; you want to live healthy a majority of the time and not just some of the time!

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